Not "JerkTech" -- Just Business as Usual

A recent outcry against companies like MonkeyParking in SanFrancisco, which creates a private market for public parking spots, or ReservationHop, which sells reservations at hard-to-reserve restaurants, raises some important questions.

On one hand, Josh Constine at TechCrunch has branded all of these kinds of businesses that take advantage of existing public, often free, infrastructure and make it more costly (and therefore less accessible) “JerkTech...Read More



Outside the Superhubs: Making the Midwest a startup destination

The national startup scene is changing, and has changed radically in the past ten years. As recently as seven years ago, New York could not claim to be at the heart of the national startup scene; today it is regularly cited among the nation’s startup “superhubs.” More and more, cities outside of the established centers for tech and innovation are implementing and encouraging policies and programs that provide resources to startups, which are themselves seen as the key to economic growth and rejuvenation...Read More



Don't start up in the suburbs: Why cities matter for startup success

When people talk about tech startups, they almost always mention Silicon Valley and California. Boston and New York also come up in conversation.

Technology, however, seems like it should make cities obsolete. Every day it seems like some new app has trivialized yet another aspect of physical proximity. At this point, remote working tools are not even new technologies -- so why does new business continue to concentrate not just in cities, but in the same cities...Read More



$5000 StartUp: How to make it until you find a Technical Co-Founder

The Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is what transforms and idea into a product. With a great MVP, a startup can generate realistic customer feedback, get its first funding, and maybe even become the next SpotHero. But for startups without a technical co-founder, the MVP can sound like a challenging barrier...Read More



Why Microsoft should end Techweek sponsorship

Two days ago Crain’s pulled their sponsorship for Chicago’s Techweek in light of a “Black Tie Rave” party invitation depicting scantily clad women.

Techweek has apologized, but the damage is in large part done. High profile figures listed in Techweek’s Tech 100 have been withdrawing their association and involvement with the conference. Microsoft, whose name is associated with the demeaning ad, has chosen not to revoke sponsorship, citing Techweek’s resolution as sufficient...Read More



Growing development at 1871

Hot Emu has been around for a few months now, and it is about time we officially introduce ourselves.

We are a web development agency with strong ties to the Chicago community. We’re also pretty ambitious -- we want to offer our clients the full range of web consulting services, from design to development to copy and internet marketing. Our lead developer and founder Robert Haidari was an entrepreneur with his own companies, Sameleaf and LoadCost, at Chicago’s 1871 before he started Hot Emu. That’s why we cater to startups -- we’ve walked a mile in those shoes, and we know what works...Read More