Growing development at 1871

Hot Emu has been around for a few months now, and it is about time we officially introduce ourselves.

We are a web development agency with strong ties to the Chicago community. We’re also pretty ambitious -- we want to offer our clients the full range of web consulting services, from design to development to copy and internet marketing. Our lead developer and founder Robert Haidari was an entrepreneur with his own companies, Sameleaf and LoadCost, at Chicago’s 1871 before he started Hot Emu. That’s why we cater to startups -- we’ve walked a mile in those shoes, and we know what works.

We also know what doesn’t work, which just as critical to any company’s success. Hot Emu does not outsource any development work, period -- it all happens here in the United States, which means faster turnaround time and higher quality.

Although Hot Emu officially started in January 2014, it formed organically to meet a need for developers in the Chicago startup community. In the process of working on our own projects, we have had plenty of experience making sure that we can meet and exceed expectations.

As a full-service development agency, it is our job to go through the trials of entrepreneurship with our clients. We are currently working with a variety of startups from Chicago’s 1871, but we want to branch out to work with companies from all over the United States. Be on the look-out for more of our posts and updates as we find our groove.