A Chicago-based development agency.

With roots in 1871, a startup incubator in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, Hot Emu knows its way around a business. From rock-solid custom web development to marketing expertise, we have the knowledge you need to help you develop your business on the web. Increase your visibility, sell your product online, track projects in real time, make immediate software updates, or get new information about your target market – opportunities to better your business abound.

Merchandise Mart

Your most important software, wherever you are.

You can call it whatever you want: Cloud computing. Web based application development. Software as a service. One thing is for sure -- once your business and the technologies you need are on the web, you can access them anywhere with a computer or mobile device. You’ll lower your equipment costs and increase your productivity at the same time.


Stay in the United States and cut out the middleman.

Development is better when you keep it close by. All of our work at Hot Emu happens in America – which translates to quicker turnaround, a higher quality product, and more control over your vision. Our clients can feel safe knowing that their projects won’t be outsourced to inexperienced developers who don’t understand their needs. It’s up to you to communicate what technologies you want to the developers themselves. And since we are in the United States, we will be ready and accessible at the drop of a pin.

American Train

Founded by a developer.

Before Hot Emu, full stack developer and founder Robert Haidari worked on launching and promoting his own startups. Once the SaaS product was put on autopilot, he realized that he could use his 10 years of web development experience to help other businesses build the technologies they need.